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Top Places You Should See On Your First Trip

Your first trip is pretty important and you deserve to go straight to the best places there are to see. What’s the point hitting and missing when you can start off with a bang? If you’re all fired up for that perfect first trip, dive into our juicy list of first trip options and take a pick. When you make a good choice, you’ll get into the car for your trip knowing you’ll have a great time.

Top 4 Choices

– Germany:

if your first trip is set in the Autumn, you shouldn’t miss the chance to explore the endless beauty of colorful Alpine forests against a background of snow-dusted mountains in Bavaria. The bountiful presence of deciduous trees in South Germany’s Bavaria makes every new location seem like you stepped into a new version of Claude Monnet’s ‘Autumn on the Seine at Argenteuil‘. Because it’ll be Oktoberfest season, you can enjoy fine wine, festivities or rent a car for your trip and enjoy long scenic drives.

– South Africa:

the entire country is amazing, but the Durban to Cape Town route is particularly superb. This route, popularly known as the ‘Garden Route to South Africa‘, is perfect for you if you love adventure. You will enjoy great white shark diving, the big 5 safari, visit an ostrich farm, explore the Cango caves and more. This trip usually takes about two weeks so you can enjoy every part fully.

– Iceland:

there’s no wonder Iceland is currently one of the hottest travel destinations. It all about looks like something from a movie with its steaming volcanoes, glacial lagoons, magnificent waterfalls, hot springs, and black sand beaches. Tourism is a big deal in this island country so you don’t have to worry about high crime rates and not finding English speakers. You could catch the Northern lights if you visit around September to March. Your iconic Icelandic trip won’t be complete until you swim in the mythical Blue Lagoon and the roads are easily navigable so you can hire a car for your trip there.

– Hawaii:

you will never regret a trip to famous Hawaii. While you’re there, make sure to embark on the road trip of a lifetime on the Hana Highway. As soon as you land Maui, you can rest up a little before you get a car for your trip and start the short three-hour drive from Paia to http://www.prideofmaui.com/blog/maui/paia-haiku-north-shore.htmlHana. You will enjoy the 7 sacred pools, bamboo forest, waterfalls, and so many picturesque views.
It doesn’t matter if you are a regular holiday maker or you’re planning your very first trip, we all want to make every holiday epic. How better to achieve this than start out planning by choosing the best destination to visit? Let us know which of our top choices is your favorite and share this post with a friend.